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  • Nic Bax

    The Anker EP by German producer and singer Nic Bax is a compelling production that blends together the fascinating sounds of Deep House and Techno into a beautifully orchestrated soundscape. The EP offers an inspiring... Read More
  • Adam from Polen
    You & I

    You and I, the latest EP release from Adam Polen and Angel Falls is an attractive Deep House performance that is certain to inspire with dreamy ambiance. The EP is a delicate balance between romantic musings and stylish sound bytes... Read More
  • Organic Chemist
    Eternal EP

    Eternal, the latest EP release from International DJ and Producer Organic Chemist unveils captivating Deep House music within a compact delivery. Completed with mind-altering instrumentation and body stirring melodies... Read More
  • Eduardo Oldskul

    Eduardo Oldskul’s EP Elqimia is a refreshing splash of smooth lounge and chill out grooves. Delivering traces of early dance genres alongside current instrumental phrases, Elqimia is an inspiring collection of noteworthy rhythms... Read More
  • Geer Ramirez
    Crisian EP

    Sweltering hot rhythms are reborn on the Crisian EP. Delivering a multi-faceted exploration of ethereal electronic instrumentals and lush melodies, the Crisian EP is a flawless combination of eclectic and surreal. The EP not only appeals to the senses... Read More
  • MonoPhaze
    Rotten Wave

    MonoPhaze's Rotten Wave delivers an infectious combination of deep house rhythms and futuristic waves. As an EP that introduces mellow energy, the cuts on Rotten Wave are both soothing and relaxing, and a fresh burst of modern... Read More
  • Infinity:

    “Infinity: Innuendo” is a clean and refreshing blend of fascinating Deep House music. The EP, which features a variety of accomplished producers and DJs delivers the quintessential music experience for a diverse audience with a taste for the... Read More
  • Willowman

    WillowMan's Away is a multi-faceted production that performs with distinct deep house layers. The album is truly a one-of-a-kind experience, packed with infectious vibes and guaranteed to keep you grooving until infinity... Read More
  • Joaquin LG

    Five delightfully, chilling tracks provide a serene escape from the everyday hustle with gentle melodies and breezy instrumentals. 2080 is a sophisticated blend of modern sounds expressed through a modern lens... Read More
  • Sinusaur
    Beginning EP

    Rising electronic music producer Sinusaur is making waves with his latest release Beginning EP. The EP is an inspiring fusion of deep house, tech house, and electro nuances all blended together to express a mind-bending... Read More
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A New Record Label is Born

06 Jun 2015