A New Record Label is Born

06 Jun 2015

Onyx-Ætherion, K-G Capital Holdings' newest record label is proud to introduce the best in lounge, ambient, downtempo, deep house styles of music and more, brought to you by world-renown producers, DJs, and artists from around the planet. Delivering lush rhythms and soothing sounds, the Premier Class A label provides the ultimate chill out experience, capturing and distributing sonic dreamscapes around the globe.

Touching a global music landscape with a phenomenal roster of talent, Onyx-Æetherion is strategically poised to service international markets with offices in Mexico, U.K., and the United States. Supporting the world's most promising and brightest stars in music, the label provides a host of dynamic services that include: A&R, Art, Licensing, Tech, Mastering, Artist Management, and Promotional Services. Onyx-Ætherion artists and their groundbreaking music productions can be found in film, television, in your favourite game, or playing at your favorite lounge club.

Delivering premium, ultra-luxury sounds from start to finish, Onyx-Ætherion music calms and soothes the soul, perfect for relaxing, kicking back, and chilling out. Backed by an expertise collective of sought after DJs, producers, and music studio owners, Onyx-Ætherion is unveiling the sounds of tomorrow...today.

Fueled by our passion for music and innovation, Onyx-Ætherion is intensely focused on being the premier choice for world-class artists emerging in the digital age. Onyx-Ætherion is destined to be the optimum choice in chillout, deephouse, downtempo and the most soothing vibes worldwide. Enter the world of The Onyx-Ætherion Collection, where sound takes you to an ethereal world, where music and the mind collide, where seeing is hearing, and the future sounds breathe life into the universe.