Fidgenti - Loungitude

26 Oct 2015

Fidgenti's Loungitude is a smooth collection of mood music and ambiance-inducing sound. Soothing the soul with captivating instrumentals, the release is a masterful blend of organic style. Fidgenti gives an eclectic performance blending together elements chilled out layers and laid-back energy. Loungitude will have listeners entranced, wrapped inside of each track, basking in luminous rays of light.

Loungitude opens up with an exquisite performance on Scally Wagon, a suave instrumental with a jazzy focus. Delicate melodies subdue listeners with enticing ambience. Introducing a breathtaking experience, Scally Wagon delivers flawless layers and a distinct vintage feel.

Retreating into the darkness, Summer City Nights is an infectious track with gentle sequences. Lively synths accentuate the instrumentals while a catching bass commands a listening ear. Back When ventures further into an infinite sea of deep grooves. As the perfect follow up to Summer City Nights, Back When wanders through a mysterious realm, highlighted by atmospheric elements and deliberate melodies.

Fidgenti gives fans a glimpse into futuristic rhythms on the track Shamoozle, another ultra-chill production with funky energy and unconventional, instrumental musings. Delivering a candid twist is Beverly Chill Bites, an addicting track that does more than just satisfy the appetite for postmodern groove theory. Beverly Chill Bites yields a fascinating, rock-infused number with a splash of country.

Further demonstrating a vast landscape of creativity, fans are taken back with the retro vibes performed on Glow, a fresh track with a soul-stirring feel. Fidgenti quickly advances into a contemporary realm with Moonhopper, a modern track with a jazz and blues undertone. Igniting blaze of fire, Moonhopper gives a remarkable guitar performance.

Christmas Haze effortlessly delivers a throwback sound filled with stylized electronics and intoxicating patterns. Answering the demand for an unforgettable atmosphere, Fidgenti has music fans covered. Loungitude continues to bring music to life on Interlude, where instruments morph into musical poetry, captivating the spirit with syncopated rhythms and sultry electronic elements.

Closing Loungitude out with a stunning finish is The Unbearable Importance of Being Like Ernest, a dynamic composition with robust horns and percussion. Drawing listeners into a truly powerful experience, Fidgenti creates a wave of sound that anyone can relate to.

Loungitude relaxes the mind with delightful melodies and extraordinary compositions. Production on the release is seamless, holding fast to the nuances of the genre while grasping elements of the future. Fidgenti has innovated a masterful story as interpreted through sound.