Alexandru - Let's Chill

24 Aug 2015

Alexandru's Let's Chill beckons listeners with radiant soundscapes. Contrasting the strikingly entertaining elements of Chillout and Deep House music, the producer radiates all that is aesthetic and virtually pleasing to the mind. Combining the forces of traditional instrumentals and modern influences awakens the spirit to an ingenious production, leaving you free to unwind. The EP is a collection of smooth hits with gently ruffled effects that convey fluid waves for the mind to process.

Let's Chill opens up with Ethnic Winds, a cinematic production that harnesses delicate melodies and seductive charm. The mix interweaves soft, melodic pianos, strings, wind instruments, and ambient sounds along with an enchanting cadence.

The Sea Waves gently wash ashore with distinct layers, upbeat rhythms, and worldly nuances. Oriental Feelings takes you miles away with fascinating complexities and ghostly breaths of wind. Subtle vocal elements and incredible strings make the mix an enticing experience to enjoy.

Alexandru calms the storm with Clouds, a lighthearted mix with an upbeat score and amicable melodies. A noticeable dance beat gives off just enough energy to keep your movements in tune while the feel of the mix tames your mood. Fusing together soft jazzy elements and traditional charm, India sends listeners off to undiscovered lands with a savory rhythms and adoring instrumentals.

Let's Chill is a remarkable journey from the chaos to the comfort zone, a place where sweet rhythms relax the mind and gorgeous soundscapes soothe the soul. Maintaining the same level of ambience throughout the EP, Alexandru lets listeners free the psyche while massaging the imagination. The EP is an ingenious fusion of traditional instrumental pairings and modern electronic complexities blended together to offer listeners a coveted interlude from the frantic energy of the universe.