Destiny: - Dreamscapes

14 Sep 2015

Destiny: Dreamscapes artists Andy Stead, Dave Ciano, Elquimia, irishjohn, Klemenson, Rival Tag, and SIMPLO give an unforgettable performance on this cutting-edge release. On this monumental collaboration, the infectious beats and electronic rhythms blends with the techno effects quickly captivates the listening ear. The tracks infuses dynamic instrumentals with sophisticated electronic elements, delivering a house sound that is uplifting and entertaining. A subtle tease into each of the tracks introduces listeners to an unchartered realm.

Thug Dance is an urban edge funky track blended with rap flavor lyrics. The beat morphs from retro disco to uplifting modern day house. The instrumentals on this clean mix are layered with striking electronics and a fresh techno beat. Soon to follow is Andy Stead featuring Eliza on Reynardine, whose vocals blend smoothly with the eclectic layers. Rhythmic pacing of the beat is uplifting and unmistakably engaging. A futuristic sound meshes with a retro disco sound which keeps the track fresh and progressive.

Better Way, an Original Mix by Dave Ciano produces a vibrant and energetic sequence complemented by funky vocals. Instruments emerge with fierce intensity, leaving one ready to hit the dance floor. The beat and flow of the track is ever so ultramodern, setting it in a class of its own. On the track Tides, Klemenson has created a rich electronic track infused with an upbeat sound that ignites and tantalizes the spirit. The swift flow of instrumentals are enticing while elements are synchronized in an electrifying manner.

You Don't Know Her Name by Rival Tag has created a jazz-rock-disco sound that is dynamically blended fused with vocals for a polished performance. Vocals emerge with a sultry and smooth sound interspersed with elaborate instrumental layers while irishjohn on Rocket Man serves up a deep house fusion that awakens the senses. The track has a futuristic electronic ambience that brings a modernistic expression to classic nuances. The strategic formulation of elements along with vocal musings produce a listen and danceable sound.

To wrap up the sleek production, Everything Sounds Different by SIMPLO sends out ambient flowing waves infused with smooth electronics, bursting into a dynamic music sequences. Destiny Dreamscapes is a dynamic deep house/chillout fusion that joins together powerful names in music to create an unparalleled experience, leaving listeners in a utopian haze. Exuding style, sophistication, and distinctive edge, the release is an engaging voyage into the future of sound.