Eduardo Oldskul - Elqimia

11 Apr 2016

Eduardo Oldskul’s EP Elqimia is a refreshing splash of smooth lounge and chill out grooves. Delivering traces of early dance genres alongside current instrumental phrases, Elqimia is an inspiring collection of noteworthy rhythms. From the debut mix to the outro, the EP takes listeners on an exceptional journey.

Eduardo Oldskul moves music lovers to awaken to the sounds of Get Up, a fun mix with funky grooves and catchy rhythms. The mix serves up its share of eclectic instrumentals, unconventional sound layers, and remarkable special effects.

Funky, a reverberating mix slides on to the EP with stylish effects that echo throughout each sonic layer. Funky is a fun but mellow production.

The Elqimia experience continues with Stay, a gentle groove with a sensual flair. The mix conveys a distinct Latin-flavored vibration engulfed in sultry female dance vocals. Stay is a relaxing production that captures the ear and invigorates the soul.

Mylius is an another enticing blend delivered by Eduardo Oldskul. This mix exudes glossy synths and polished chords. Overall, fans will be immersed within a highly-infectious wave of sound.

Moe submerges listeners within a cinematic experience. This energetic track is the ultimate chill groove, refreshing the mind with soothing ambience.

Eduardo Oldskul continues to keep the rhythms flowing on My Crown, a textured blend of fascinating layers with a hint of early dance elements.

Following a series of complex productions, Friends offers a subtle development with uncomplicated layers. The mix is simple, clean, and undoubtedly entertaining.

The EP concludes with Let’s Drink, Let’s Party, another fascinating mix that gently pulsates with delightful instrumentals.

Eduardo Oldskul who cites influences such as Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, and Radiohead has fused together a stylish sound that is original yet strikingly intoxicating. The ideal Chill Out and Lounge experience is most definitely within reach.