Geer Ramirez - Crisian EP

21 Nov 2016

Geer Ramirez's Crisian EP is a mysterious collective of sultry grooves and eclectic rhythms. The EP will sweep you off of your feet into a surreal dimension where unconventional instrumentals and soft melodies collide. Crisian is a soothing masterpiece that massages the mind and relaxes the soul.

The title track Crisian is a futuristic groove with a deep, dark melody. Beckoning listeners with a fascinating fusion of artistic prowess, the original mix resonates with an inspiring purpose.

Misery of Love, the 2nd mix on the Crisian EP by Geer Ramirez contains a series of haunting waves, special effects, high pitched electronic effects and lusty vocals. The mix yields an uncomplicated score but is nevertheless intriguing.

The 3rd and final mix on the EP is Crisian (Drumbeat Remix). This deep house groove that sends chills up and down the spine. This soul-stirring blend of deep-rooted instrumentals is certain to inspire listeners. Whether you fancy a laid-back experience or a mind-altering state, Crisian will guarantee an unforgettable adventure.

Geer Ramirez delivers a clean performance on Crisian EP. While channeling recognizable deep house conventions, the EP carves its own unique place in the ever-expanding genre. Providing what might be considered an ethereal exploit, the EP holds its own as a remarkable plight in modern electronic music.