Geer Ramirez - Visions of the Deep World

21 Aug 2017

Geer Ramirez introduces Visions of the Deep World, a fresh-cut EP that is fueled by hypnotic instrumentals and alluring melodies. The use of special effects to create a remarkable atmosphere and their fusion into the Deep House experience has never been more enticing when exploring the multi-faceted scope of the genre.

Weird Times, the initial mix on Visions of the Deep World EP by Geer Ramirez is an unconventional Deep House fusion with pensive vocals delivered in almost a poetic style. While the vocals elicit their own attention, most fascinating is the use of instrumentals and special effects to convey the characteristics of the genre. The production is anything but weird as it has a distinctly noticeable groove.

Geer Ramirez travels with listeners to the glitzy UAE on Dubai, transcending borders with deep rumbling percussion and ethnically inspired waves of instrumentals which are all too captivating. Dubai is a righteously rhythmic performance with a textured presentation consisting of multiple layers fused together with an intoxicating gesture and fascinating melodies.

The third mix on Visions of the Deep World, Voices of the Aztecs is an engaging interpretation of the initial track, Weird Times but with a different ambience. The production continues to deliver a recognizable Deep House groove, poetic essence, and entrancing energy while providing delicate variations and palpable rhythms.

Geer Ramirez pulls out all of the stops on Visions of the Deep World, an interactive Deep House EP which stimulates conscious thought while appealing to a ravishing sound factor. The EP is robust with unique instrumental arrangements, spoken word, and luminous rhythms. The mixes found on 'Visions of the Deep World' will capture fans and grip them for eternity.