Infinity: - Innuendo

23 Jan 2017

Infinity: Innuendo is a clean and refreshing blend of fascinating Deep House music. The album, which features a variety of accomplished producers and DJs delivers the quintessential music experience for a diverse audience with a taste for the original.

I Got My Eyes on You by Dave Ciano is a bright mix with a glistening music accompaniment. This festive mix with energetic vocals appeals to those with a distinct craving for subtle dark grooves. As the ideal mix between simple and dynamic, Dave Ciano maintains the chill in all of its exquisite beauty.

Postage's Midnight on the Patio introduces churning rhythms and enticing melodies. With a distinct retro vibe, Midnight on the Patio is a warm mix for any occasion. Rising instrumental waves make this track an uplifting listening experience.

Sweet melodies, futuristic ambiance, and tech-friendly vocals make F.A.B Campbell's I’ll Be at the Top a diverse mix with multipurpose appeal. Soft synths cushion the mix while funky vocals with an added pitch create a distinct flare. Unusual electronic elements, shed light on a creative work that is certain to engage.

Dope or Nope's Keep on Loving (Midway Vocal Mix), the 4th mix on the Infinity: Innuendo album shifts gears by presenting a unique production with a noticeable electronic feel. Carefully developed sound effects and electronic elements give the track it’s very own personality among a diverse arrangement of mixes on the album.

If you desire sultry lounge music, then Les Julles' Balearic will, without a doubt deliver. Smooth horns, and dreamy melodies carry listeners away as dramatic instrumental riffs cater to a jazzy sound. Balearic is an emotionally-charged production with expert instrumentation.

Get ready to take off with Aspex One's Space Ship, a mid-tempo Deep House mix beautiful melodies and light-hearted electronic instrumentals. Space Ship enables listeners to dream in color with hypnotic waves and possessing elements.

Infinity: Innuendo keeps the scene alive with Unfounded by Organic Chemist & Turo feat. Brittan Crayton. Unfounded delivers a series of dark waves and ambient instrumentals along with dreamy female dance vocals.

Infinity: Innuendo stays true to its name while offering a chance to absorb the addicting sounds of Deep House music’s most sought after producers and DJs. The album is robust with unconventional layers and effervescent energy.