Intox - Materia

06 Mar 2017

Intox's Materia delivers a noteworthy collection of Deep House and Lounge mixes which are ideal for chilling out, relaxing, or just engaging in deep meditation. Each production on the EP delivers an original personality while still capturing the true essence of the genres.

Spectrum by Intox is a thunderous deep house mix with a sultry lounge feel. The production is illuminated by a temperate base line and gently surging layers of electronic nuances. Spectrum is subtly mysterious but most definitely entertaining.

The next mix on the EP, Alisya performs with an invigorating essence that awakens the mind. Exhilarating sound sequences romp over the track with an exuberant flair.

The EP title track, Materia delivers festive electronic phrases interwoven between dark and meditative signatures. Still, Materia in all of its mysterious ambience, is an enthralling production with a flawless execution.

Following Materia is Ephemere, a cinematic display of musicianship featuring long epic synths and possessing cadences. The track is enigmatic, electric, and thought-provoking.

Concluding the EP is Materia (Tamas Skafar Remix). The Remix, while in it's performance is evocative, enrapturing the mind with complex articulations and alluring instrumental metaphors. Materia (Tamas Skafar Remix) offers a righteous finish to an unprecedented production.

Intox's Materia is a ravishing EP with radiant energy and tranquil vibrations. The EP delivers a unique hybrid of deep house and lounge styles, venturing beyond the conventional to introduce an awe-inspiring metamorphosis of creativity.