Intox - Tears of a Geisha

03 Aug 2015

Ambient waves wash abroad with the newest melodic tech production Tears of a Geisha from Intox. A futuristic dreamscape that carries listeners on an opulent journey through the surreal and ethereal, Tears of a Geisha exudes warm melodies and enchanting ambience. Intox engulfs listeners into a hypnotic realm with a captivating energy as the track provides dreamy ambiance and vivid nuances.

Intox imagineers a beautiful landscape on Tears of a Geisha, decorated with ornate electronic elements and cultivated with distinct wave sequences. Creating a true sensory experience, the track release expresses a myriad of emotion with every measure. From airy gusts of ambient energy to atmospheric washes, and dub-infused accents, the mix brings dreams to life with a faint air of mystery and fascinating darkness. Reverberating through the cells, Tears of a Geisha is an epic production that ventures deep to express the understated sharp precision.

Expressing a gentle mix of the playful and the peculiar, Intox performs a heartfelt number that delicately unravels the obscure origins of one's deepest emotions through rhythm while contrasting tempos and intensity. Arousing the mind and awakening the spirit, Tears of a Geisha proves to be equal parts thought-provoking, and mysterious.

Through this latest track release, Intox delivers distinct imagery through the use of well-crafted electronic elements and striking instrumental sequences. Telling a story through sound, Tears of a Geisha captures the essence of melodic tempo while reaching out to the modern ethos. Into The Sky mesmerizes listeners while mellow rhythms and dreamy vocals as rhythmic elements bring to life dainty melodies and futuristic synths. Intox brings the darkness to light on the track One Night in Tokyo, a gentle mix with eclectic production and worldly vibes. The production soothes listeners with soft layers and vocal musings.

Intox offers a unique spin on One Night in Tokyo with a variation in the form of a remix by Yohann Grun. The remix yields a slightly darker feel with a deeper bass and less playful melodies. Still, an enticing listening experience, either version is certain to stimulate the mind and send of deep rolling waves of energy. The title track Tears of a Geisha is a heartfelt production that encompasses various electronic elements while venturing into a celestial world illustrated by entrancing rhythms and comforting melodies. Intox captivates listeners with Message from Gaïa, a charming mix with distorted elements and a imaginative layers. The track whisks off into a daydreamy sequence of rhythmics highlighted by contorted vocals and mischievous ambiance.

Tears of a Geisha is an illustrious production that plays with the imaginative and the unusual. Combining hypnotic rhythms and enchanting melodies, the release conveys an amusing experience that channels future sounds while creating a virtual release. Gentle waves and intricate layers are the defining points that distinguish Tears of a Geisha as no ordinary production.