irishjohn - Dead Close

17 Apr 2017

Dead Close, the latest release by Irishjohn is a unique combination of Deep House sounds that conjure up elements of the past while taking the lead in modern sounds of today. Irishjohn creates his own metamorphosis of style that is both inviting and animated. All 4 tracks on the EP possess their own personality but contribute to the remarkable experience known as Deep House.

The opening track on the Dead Close EP is Dead Cat, a light hearted Deep House mix with delicate synths and a catchy bass-line. The mix is picturesque with adoring synths and vibrant waves. Despite it’s name, Dead Cat is a surprisingly lively production that is certain to offer pleasing vibes.

The follow-up mix, Get Close is a curious mix with a funky feel and slightly retro vibration. The track, which is dressed up in luscious female dance vocals is reminiscent to 90s Deep House music with a worldly flair. Giving off mellow waves, Get Close is a soothing listen with a distinct laid-back energy.

Next on the EP is Big Shake, a slightly up-tempo mix that incorporates more female dance vocals which accentuate the production. Unmistakable of course, are the distinct rhythmic patterns and sonic elements used to create a truly mesmerizing sound. Irishjohn takes Deep House to the next level with another flawless performance.

The EP finishes off with Juno, a dynamic mix with fluttering instrumentals and subtle electronic elements. Juno introduces a smoother interpretation of Deep House conventions while providing pleasant vibrations.

Dead Close by Irishjohn should be considered the quintessential Deep House collection with an infectious personality. The EP provides a wide selection of sounds which express its dynamic nature and colorful layers. Irishjohn executes each mix with precise direction, capturing listeners with sounds that are genuinely enjoyable.