Joaquin LG - Funky Life

17 Aug 2015

Funky Life by Joaquin LG is a captivating deep-house music trip that delivers pure rhythms and glossy grooves. From fresh sequences to mystifying elements, the EP intermingles a clever assortment of eclectic instrumentals that carry listeners away on a vivid journey that won't soon be forgotten.

Venturing back to the retro vibes of early music, Joaquin LG introduces Disco, an original mix with airy dance instrumentals and laid-back rhythms. This glossy mix cleans up nicely with intricate layers and razor-cut production. Light vocal elements are intermixed throughout the instrumentals for a slightly mysterious and futuristic feel.

Taking listeners into another realm, Cuarto Menguante provides a steady bass-line with a minimalist approach. Whispering synths breeze across the mix with an air of delight as rolling percussive elements uplift and distorted vocals mystify. Funky Life is righteously original and distinctly innovative, summarizing the essence of pure grooves.

Shocking, ironically titled serves to demonstrate the deep grooves that one can certainly expect from Joaquin LG. Infused deep-house nuances evolve into new meaning with this cultivated original mix that teases listeners with fading horns and brilliant arrangement.

Packing a furious punch with an easygoing stride, Some Smoke and Some Vodka is an ear-pleaser that delivers friendly piano chords and lustrous atmospheric electronics. As temperate rhythms collide, vocal play declares, "may I have some smoke and some vodka please?". Joaquin brings listeners home with Enjoy the Life, an unique mix with a gentle deep-house feel and soft rhythms. The track emanates light beats and glamours synths, perfect for late night moves.

Funky Life is a mellow music trip illuminated with deep instrumentals and distinct lounge vibes that captures soft moving rhythms and captivating melodies with postmodern electronics.