MonoPhaze - Rotten Wave

06 Feb 2017

Introducing new Deep House grooves, MonoPhaze presents the Rotten Wave EP. The production includes a brief performance consisting of two well-defined tracks that defy the laws of gravity with ravishing highs and stunning beats.

Keypoint, the initial mix on MonoPhaze's Rotten Wave is a fascinating mix that delivers mysterious energy and soothing ambiance. Complex electronic instrumentals and a soft, steady cadence create an unmistakable flow that is simply too intoxicating to ignore.

The second mix on the Rotten Wave EP, Relax is a remarkable Deep House Groove with delicate instrumentals, sensual vocals, and a moderate rhythm. The mix offer a unique futuristic sound fused with traditional dance conventions. Though Relax is a rhythmic tapestry of instrumental elements, it soothes the mind with a series of gentle, yet complicated riffs.

MonoPhaze's Rotten Wave is a fresh burst of modern Deep House sounds. The EP mixes well-known dance elements and avant garde influences to deliver a unique performance. MonoPhaze is clearly on the cutting edge of a genre with the release of Rotten Wave, a luxe Deep House experience.