Nic Bax - Anker

14 Mar 2016

The Anker EP by German producer and singer Nic Bax is a compelling production that blends together the fascinating sounds of Deep House and Techno into a beautifully orchestrated soundscape. The EP offers an inspiring performance, engulfing listeners into a soothing wave with gently cascading rhythms. Nic Bax draws fans into a utopian dimension on his latest EP, gripping listeners with trance-inducing melodies and spellbinding rhythms. The EP delivers truly magnetic energy.

Nic Bax introduces a quaint collection of soft phrases and lush melodies on Anker, the title track on this hypnotic EP. Anker makes an eloquent debut as it gracefully omits deep, warm instrumentals and moving vocals. The original mix enthralls, giving listeners an exquisite taste of what is to come.

Teaming up with Intox for the second rendition of Anker, the Remix of the original track is hauntingly mysterious but equally as exquisite. Cutting through the EP with a slightly sharper edge, the Intox Remix appeals with lengthy sequences and cinematic elements.

Nic Bax draws the EP to a finish with Intox Remix Break Out, a soothing production with a deep, mellow bass line. As epic waves ascend on this stylish track, intricate synths are layered throughout the track. Intertwined within a series of vocal effects, serene melodies meander throughout each sequence, leaving listeners hanging on to every chord. Break Out illustrates a vivid landscape as it slowly converges into a heavenly space.

Anker is a mesmerizing performance to behold. With alluring instrumentals and a cultivated production, the EP stands out, capturing ears and minds with incredible precision. Nic Bax entices Deep House/Techno fans to venture outside of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.