Organic Chemist - Eternal EP

11 Jan 2016

Eternal, the latest EP release from International DJ and Producer Organic Chemist unveils captivating Deep House music within a compact delivery. Completed with mind-altering instrumentation and body stirring melodies, Eternal is a project that ventures across the seas and into unfamiliar yet fascinating territory.

The EP kicks off with its title track Eternal denoting Organic Chemist's uncanny ability to send continuous waves of eclectic sounds into the universe. Warming the atmosphere with hypnotizing ambiance, Eternal plays with soothing melodies and sometimes dark energy. Organic Chemist mixes up an intriguing concoction of mystifying electronic elements fused with lingering harmonies and a slightly industrial feel. Eternal is a functional work of art that speaks to the deeper mind with complex layers and remarkable essence.

Organic Chemist beckons the listening ear with Wanderer, a stylish number with a distinctly urban bass line. The multi-dimensional track packs various elements from a number of genres into an astonishing presentation. Executing reverberating synths and distorted electronic elements, Wanderer travels down a narrow path with unabashed distinction. The mix converges somewhere along the road, morphing into a gritty dance-infused sequence of elements formulated to get the body in motion.

Organic Chemist flexes his production muscles on Eternal, an EP that exudes the artist's vast influence. The EP will give listeners a glimpse into the world of the Texas-based producer who is known for delivering world-class music around the globe. From abiding melodies to southern-laced percussion, fans around the world will embrace the artist's latest creative endeavor, which is a sensory adventure into a modern Deep House realm where eclectic rhythms and gritty beats collide. Fusing together a number of distinct elements, Eternal brings for chilling blast of creative energy and a refreshing dose of engrossing sounds.