Rival Tag - It's Always Raining In Burmecia

30 Nov 2015

Rival Tag is an artist who independently creates and produces a vast array of organic electronic music. His creativity is a combination of his knowledge and expertise from musical studies and his exploration of the electronic genre. His recent EP release It's Always Raining in Burmecia is a collection of experimental Deep House and Ambient compositions.

Opening with The Melissa Virus, the EP delivers a smooth expression accented by a captivating vocal infusion. The vocalist on this production gives a contemporary performance with a distinct style. Rival Tag presents a contagious sequence of moving instrumentals that groove and delight.

Following The Melissa Virus, Rival Tag brings out Lost Soul, an eclectic mix with an in-depth patterning of vocal stylistics joined with solid percussion and notable instrumental complexities. The track which is undoubtedly soul-rendering fills the air with certain ambience.

As an ear-candy mix, You are Mine delivers a hint of deep house sound, layered with a fusion of suave rap vocals. The steady percussive beat coupled with a contemporary lyrical flow leaves the listener wrapped up and lost in the moment. This union of rap and house delivers a righetously fresh and explicitly charismatic experience.

It's Always Raining in Burmecia closes out with You Don't Know Him. The production conjures up familiar elements complemented by organic vocals. A captivating cadence takes hold and ignites the listener. You Don't Know Him is naturally contemporary, creative, and original. Rival Tag is absolutely a talented and gifted artist who has created an innovative listening odyssey crafted to relax the mind. It's Always Raining in Burmecia is an eye-opening collection of captivating ambient rhythms and original flows. The relaxing blending of Deep House conventions, Chill Out vibes, and contemporary vocal accompaniments renders a memorable electronic experience.