Saxongroove - Horizons

20 Feb 2017

Ethereal vibrations and surreal ambiance carry listeners away on Horizons, the latest EP release by Saxongroove. The EP consist of 5 extraordinary deep house mixes, complete with all of the modern conventions of the genre and so much more. Horizon is a sonic dreamscape not to be forgotten.

The first cut on the EP Clarity, is a moody mix with hypnotic vocal effects and mesmerizing instrumentals. The track delivers a soothing ambience that is unmistakable. Dub elements give Clarity a rough edge that is incredibly appealing.

The following mix Open Your Eyes consists of delicate layers carefully developed to work in harmony with poetic elements. Open Your Eyes articulates like a spoken word performance with an enticing instrumental backdrop.

Behind Open Your Eyes is Budapest, a mid-tempo production with a refreshingly airy feel. The mix is an eclectic collection of playful melodies, wispy waves, and ambient phrases.

Roza soothes the soul with catchy sequences and pensive waves. The mix is reminiscent to warm sun rays beaming down on a summer day. Roza delivers an exotic vibration that visually transports the listener elsewhere through distinguished sound waves.

Concluding Horizons is Elements of Jupiter, a distinct mix with a refreshing feel. The production wraps up the collection with a more upbeat and playful vibe compared to the previous tracks; however, it is equally as entertaining.

Saxongroove's Horizons is the Ultimate Deep House music experience. Bringing forth a diverse collection of electronic interpretations, the EP is a stunning sound escape. Whether you just want to lounge around or download from a busy day, Saxongroove's Horizons will rejuvenate the spirit.