Sergio Lázaro - Zoo EP

31 Aug 2015

Sergio Lázaro unleashes a gentle beast with his latest Zoo EP. Mixing it up with a series of Deep-House and Techno-infused tracks, Sergio appeals to the senses with inebriating rhythms and contagious beats. Delivering remarkable style and unmistakable prowess, Zoo EP is certain to hold its own as an ultimate Deep House-Techno classic.

Sergio Lázaro kicks off the 3-track EP production with Cream Dog, an original mix with dreamy electronic elements that will leave listeners in a daze. Catch synths dance through the track while warm ambient waves engulf complex instrumentals. The deep, warm energy continues with Blue Elephant, another cut with a distinct bass-line and innovative electronic layers. Though allowing just enough music space to get the body moving, the track provides riveting moments of solace and mind-altering allure.

Red Monkey conveys a distinguished dance beat infused with special effects and speedy melodies. The track, which yields itself as an experimental alloy of tech-soaked instrumentals and futuristic elements is a relatively moderate listen with delightful appeal. Faint sounds of the wild emerge and retreat into the mix as it slowly builds intensity into an uplifting and highly-entertaining adventure.

Zoo by Sergio Lázaro is a multi-dimensional EP that would find a comfortable spot in a myriad of venues from hazy lounges to exclusive, upscale VIP rooms, among close cohorts or in the presence of your own subconscious. The EP's tracks deliver a succulent mix of exquisite instrumentals and wild imagination joined together in a complete sensory collective.

The Zoo EP is an untamed stretch of the imagination that entertains and subdues with innovative electronic compositions, complex instrumentals, and mind-altering music. Delivering compelling moments and subtle adventure, the Zoo EP is a reserved walk on the wild side.