Sinusaur - Beginning EP

11 Jul 2016

Sinusaur, ready to capture fans with his latest EP Beginning sheds light on the multi-layered and ever-evolving dimension known as electronic music. Serving up a platter of ambient waves, pulsating beats, and emotional soundscapes, Beginning is a captivating story just waiting to be told.

The EP opens with Sundays, a melodic mix with danceable moments and freshly-pressed grooves. Sundays is smooth production with warm piano instrumentals, weightless synths, and gentle pulses of sound.

Meltronic follows Sundays delivering a more mysterious interpretation of deep house. This subtle mix presents a remarkable story told by lingering piano melodies, ambient waves, and emerging percussion.

Sinusaur introduces listeners to the title track Beginning, a solid mix with a driving bass-line and rebellious instrumentals. Beginning is a powerful production that delivers a slightly dark ambience fused with a truly futuristic flair.

Following the reverberating sirens that fade-out from Beginning, Sinusaur gifts fans with Hunch, a trendsetting mix with long, stretchy chords, pulsating percussion, and dramatic piano chords. The track contracts light melodies and dark beats while completely driving the energy home.

Sinusaur wraps up the EP with Beginning Bass, a more light-hearted production with a faster paced scale and hollow melodies. Continuing the experience with the distinct instrumental layers, Beginning Bass is a quality production that lends itself to a compelling journey through sound.

The Beginning EP, courtesy of Sinusaur, is an inspiring fusion of Deep House and Tech House developed to create a distinct listening experience for each and every individual so lucky to happen upon the future of music, where deep house meets tech house and electro, while the rest becomes history.