Willowman - Away

27 Jun 2016

Appealing to the desires of deep house lovers, WillowMan with his latest album release Away has plenty of surprises in store. The album, a collection of 9 remarkable tracks, is standing by and ready to bring it.

WillowMan's I Like The Way is a smooth deep house mix with groovy rhythms, syncopated beats and fresh dance vocals. This delicate production is an enjoyable listen that inspires you to drift away on a sonic dreamscape.

My Baby Groove is a playful mix with soft melodies, hypnotic vocals and non-stop groove. WillowMan gives a lush performance that is certain to conjure up the dance gods.

WillowMan takes listeners to a parallel universe on Away, a futuristic mix with eclectic instrumentals layered in an unconventional yet exquisite manner.

The mix Tonite is a fascinating blend of gentle waves, energetic melodies, and luscious dance vocals. WillowMan showcases a wide breadth of diversity with this dynamic blend of entrancing instrumentals.

The hypnotic state continues with On Earth, a festive mix with distinct deep house conventions. A deep and repetitive bass-line with a catching cadence captures the attention with bold expression.

Like Tonite, WillowMan once again carries listeners off into another realm with Next To U, a gentle dance groove with delicate ambiance and dreamy effects. Vivid instrumental sequences deliver a series of rapid waves intertwined with foreign esprit.

Following on the heels of Next To U is Don't Go, an unconventional mix with uniquely patterned layers and a laid-back dance beat.

The earlier nuances of deep house re-emerge on Spin and Deep, a haunting mix with chill melodies, futuristic electronic instrumentation and distorted vocals. Spin and Deep is a pulsating production that beats deep down into the core while meandering through reverberating chords.

My Melody, as the mix suggests, is a melodic combination of light instrumentals and uplifting rhythms. The track delivers a steady dance beat that brings out just the right amount of energy without being overpowering.

French DJ WillowMan has prepared a delightful performance for a diverse assortment of deep house music fans. Providing just a taste of what is to come, Away demonstrates WillowMan's expanding caliber as world-renowned artist.