WillowMan - Get Up Together

05 Jun 2017

WillowMan's Get Up Together is a funky fusion of Deep House music and Lounge rhythms which are ideal for almost any occasion. Introducing vivid melodies, and infectious waves, WillowMan takes listeners across the globe with unconventional mixes and emotive performances. Fans will have the opportunity to indulge with 13 different mixes, all of which exhibit their own distinct character.

Bye, the first track on the EP is a melodic mix with chill rhythms and cooling dance vocals. WillowMan treats listeners to an array of catchy synthesizers and soothing melodies. Though laid-back, the mix is a fun listen with a highly-addictive feel.

WillowMan picks up the tempo on So Fresh, an ideal follow-up to Bye in which the electronic layers are carefully formed to create an infectious series of waves alongside upbeat male dance vocals. So Fresh is a stylish mix with loads of personality.

The next track on Get Up Together is It’s You and Me. It’s You and Me is a dreamy mix with noticeable horns, danceable rhythms, along with an emotional vocal performance. The production enlists recognizable stylistic conventions but also has a distinct Latin flair.

Title mix Get Up Together is another mix with a global feel. An array of instrumentals and electronic elements paint this production with colorful vibrations that are both fascinating and enticing. Get Up Together is a fabulous combination of relaxing sounds and soothing vibes.

Perhaps one of the most interesting mixes on the EP is About Me, an unconventional production with highly-stylized electronics. Giving off a slightly retroactive energy, About Me is overall an eclectic expression of the genre through a modern framework.

The Deep House genre morphs once again on My Crazy Synths, a tech savvy mix with deep, driving rhythms and electrifying synthesizers. Stylized vocal elements add to this already energetic production, a memorable experience for music lovers.

Do I Believe is a robust production that scales back into the origins of the genre while still encompassing some newer sounds. Do I Believe will appeal across generational boundaries and touch a vast audience.

For listeners looking for more of a loungy feel, Escape will certainly deliver. This intoxicating mix is adorned with soulful saxophone instrumentals, and sultry synths. WillowMan gives a delightful performance which is the perfect combination of relaxing and refreshing.

If you relish in throwback vibes a la Daft Punk, My Acid Funk will satisfy your craving. My Acid Funk is exactly as it suggests: funk revisited with suave instrumental layers and lusty vocals.

Delivering a hint of surreal and the mystery of ethereal, Voices is a luminescent mix with a unique combination of electronic layers fused together to create an original sound. Voices is a thought-provoking production that exudes the distinction of WillowMan as an artist.

The session starts to wind down with El Gato, a funky fusion with a noticeable Latin flavor. This particular mix is very centered on instrumentals and electronic elements which are accentuated with a cowbell. El Gato is an illustrative performance without a doubt.

Adding to the certified funk files is Get on Track, a post-modern mix with a solid bass-line. Obscure electronic elements distinguish this track from its earlier predecessors, creating an amusing fusion to behold.

Rounding out and finishing the dynamic EP known as Get Up Together is My Deep Tech, a forward-thinking series of rare layers formulated to create a lane all their own. Offering the perfect denouement to a marvelous performance, WillowMan opens the flood gates of Deep House and Lounge music.

Get Up Together is an enormous undertaking, one in which WillowMan has demonstrated his knack for the unconventional and skill as a producer. The EP is as diverse as every intricate wave layered into each of its mixes. Appealing indisputably to a far-reaching audience, Get Up Together holds nothing back when asserting its power as a generational force to be reckoned with.