Virgil T - Two Boys

23 Feb 2018

Producer Virgil T presents Two Boys, a Tech House EP with distinct presence. Two Boys is a quick glimpse into the unusual elements which are blended together to create a one-of-a-kind sound. Virgil T stops at nothing to bring audiences into a complete sensory experience. Creating a synergistic effect, Two Boys conveys raw talent and a noticeable affinity for the original. Fans will appreciate the aesthetic nature of the EP while also connecting with its instrumental aspects.

Leon5 is the initial mix on Two Boys. The track which slowly emerges from its sonic layers with uncomplicated percussion soon converges into a sequence of hypnotic percussion which kicks out a series of catchy phrases. As smokey synths and dark distortions emerge, Leon5 shows itself to be a diverse exhibition of complex layers and intricate instrumental design.

The next and final track on the EP Two Boys is Sacha1, reverberating mix that digs into the mind with radiating waves and a catchy energy. Heavy on the bass and certain to deliver a steady dance beat, Sacha1 is an electrifying production. The track encompasses a wide range of elements which happen to be developed in such a way that they build in intensity and expression.

Two Boys is an entertaining listen that will move audiences in the most powerful manner. Virgil T induces deep grooves and makes remarkable use of unique electronic elements to deliver a postmodern sound. Two Boys is a sturdy built EP with a lasting quality and the righteous ability to fill dancefloors on a global scale. Virgil T delivers a relatable listening experience that crosses boundaries and defies gravity.