Intox - Absynth & Cocaïne

11 Dec 2017

Intox Absynth & Cocaine is an eclectic compilation of engaging deep house music with with subtle dark ambiance. The EP delivers an air of mystery as it encompasses ominous rhythms and enigmatic vocal effects. Absynth & Cocaine is as addictive as its title suggests and injects itself deep into the psyche.

Absynth & Cocaine, the premier mix on the EP of the same name is a potent blend of habit-forming synthesizers and deep house vibrations. The mix is often dark but fascinating in its performance. Intox delivers a forward-moving exhibition of postmodern vibes and creative musical fare.

The second cut on the EP, titled Audiokinetic is a spellbinding mix that snatches the attention and holds it relentlessly. The production is robust with ambient waves and atmospheric layers which are crafted in a seamless manner. Audiokinetic is a pleasurable listen for fans of deep house and beyond.

Once again, Intox delivers a flawless production with cutting-edge style and artistic prowess. Absynth & Cocaine is as original as it is addicting. The EP is sure to be a fan favorite as it stands in a class by itself with stylistic ingenuity and brazen assertiveness.