Intox - Chroma

23 Feb 2018

Once again delivering a sweltering wave of deep house rhythms, Intox has a few surprises in store for fans who eagerly await what is to come from the producing powerhouse.

Mind-altering or mind-awakening, Chroma beckons listeners to feel the effects of its luscious sonic musings. Wrapped in a futuristic sounding collective of thumping beats and illustrious rhythms, the EP, a new release from international sensation Intox is on red alert. With two distinct tracks that tease and entice, Chroma remains in a class by itself.

The first cut on Chroma is the title track of the same name. Appropriately placed and eager to set the stage for what is to come, Chroma is shrouded in mystery. The track has an essence that is a unique fusion between sultry and haunting. While meandering through dark synths and chill melodies, Chroma navigates a rare world which fans will surely adore.

Following Chroma is The Dark Noise, an ironic title for a track that performs as anything but. The Dark Noise surprisingly delivers a rather delicate energy, with light waves and airy layers. Still, delivering ethereal vibes, the mix is a sweet combination of dreamy and dance while appealing deeply to the senses.

Intox breathes new life into Deep House music while rejuvenating the psyche and massaging the mind with rare complexity. Chroma a postmodern EP pushes beyond the status quo and delivers a sound that is outside the box yet true to its roots. An original on the scene, Intox takes deep house to the next level and beyond or perhaps completely out of this world.