irishjohn - Echo Delta Matrix

20 Nov 2017

Irishjohn's Echo Delta Matrix is not only an interesting play on the acronym that has made electronic music famous, but the EP presents the ideal definition of Deep House from a contemporary vantage point. As per Irishjohn's eclectic style, Echo Delta Matrix is well beyond it's years in how well each track on the EP is crafted. Listeners will enjoy the chilling vibes and blending of electronic elements, instrumentals, and overall feel of the project.

Sally Says, the premier mix on Echo Delta Matrix instantly captures the ear of listeners with incredible vocal elements, percussive base and playful melodies. While this track has somewhat of a mysterious feel as haunting synths weave in and then out, fans cannot help but to be drawn into this one-of-a-kind experience.

The follow-on track Go offers a more light-hearted feel. Still, Irishjohn plays with some dance vocal elements over a series of unique electronic elements. Go is heavy on the instrumentals which progress in a stunning frenzy over the mix. There is a refreshing energy that lives within Go which makes it an enjoyable listening experience.

The EP title track Echo Delta Matrix is the culmination of Deep House past and Deep House future as the mix fuses together elements from decades past and present while looking toward the future. Epic dance vocals accentuate the production while cinematic synths take listeners to new heights. Echo Delta Matrix is a quintessential Deep House mix that will appeal to a vast audience.

Irishjohn winds the EP down with Death of Me, a formidable mix with a powerful performance. Death of Me digs deeper into the Genre with a strong focus on substance. Death of Me is melodic and has somewhat of a whimsical feel though female vocals tell a thought-provoking story eerily throughout.

Echo Delta Matrix will draw great attention as Irishjohn reaffirms his dedication to delivering great music. The EP is presented with flawless precision while offering various interpretations of the genre through intricate styling and a polished production. Each cut on the EP will provide a different ambiance however, the feels are balanced nicely throughout from start to finish.