Joaquin LG - Ghetto

04 Dec 2017

Joaquin LG's Ghetto is guaranteed to deliver a diversified listening experience as it captures various elements from different genres including Deep House. Joaquin LG defines his own unique style through a series of mixes which epitomize the never-ending force of the genre. From invigorating grooves to inspiring waves synthesized, Ghetto never falls short of surprising twists and turns.

Ghetto, the signature mix on the EP is a chilling breeze that washes over listeners with a combination of sounds that range from delicate melodies and soft chords to funky percussion, throwback hip hop style vocals, and retro scratch effects. Ghetto has a smooth vibe with a catchy feel. Ghetto is a rhythmic experience that is highly-textures and a pleasurable listen.

The next mix on the EP is Illusion, an inspiring mix that gathers fans in with noticeable tropical vibrations and deep-resounding bass. The track embodies a variety of synth stylings and electronic elements which are fused together to create an eclectic performance. Fans will love the worldly feel of Illusion as it is very multi-dimensional.

I Got The Feeling, an uptempo production with a distinct throwback feel offers a different perspective on Deep House while capturing listeners with powerful layers and enticing waves of sounds. In addition to strong female dance vocal elements, the track interweaves a diverse range of instrumental effects to keep the mix progressing and ears tuned in.

The energy remains heightened on Bipolar, a mix that is laced with righteous piano chords, slicing synths, and polished melodies. Bipolar ironically is rather light hearted in its performance and incredibly uplifting despite its intriguing title.

The final mix on Ghetto is Talking, a unique production that fuses epic melodies with distorted vocals and funky rhythms. Talking offers a jazzed-up vibe and grooving essence, both of which permeate the mix with noticeable distinction. Talking is a fun and unorthodox mix that unapologetically dances with the unfamiliar.

Joaquin LG gives a stellar performance that is certain to strike several chords with Deep House fans. Each mix on the Ghetto EP delivers its own unique personality and vibe while adding to the richness of the overall production. Joaquin LG has tapped into the sounds that make music great while defining his very own remarkable path.