Julian Brody - Spellbound

23 Oct 2017

Deep House Artist Julian Brody's release of Spellbound is an entrancing fusion of subtle dark grooves and chilling instrumentals. Distinctive vocals add an evocative energy to the futuristic sounding mix which envelops listeners in a modern-day metamorphosis of Deep House music.

Spellbound draws listeners in with sweltering rhythmics and deep-grinding bass. Soft dance vocals whisper hypnotically through out the mix as if to beckon listeners into a trance like state. Julian Brody provides a memorable interpretation of one of the hottest genres to sweep the world's electronic stage since its inception in the 80s.

Without fail, Spellbound provides an intoxicating fusion of ambient waves and delicate melodies that uplift the soul with the greatest of ease. The track is a sonic escape that takes listeners on a revitalizing journey that is certain to relax the mind and soothe psyche. It illustrates an atmospheric landscape with crafted instrumentals and mesmerizing presence.

Julian Brody's newest artistic endeavor incorporates a diverse arrangement of elements to create a truly distinct evolution of sound.