Saxongroove - What The Funk!

06 Nov 2017

Saxongroove gets takes Deep House to the next level on What The Funk!, a trend-setting EP with uncharacteristic sound stylings and fascinating instrumental musings. The EP approaches the genre with a bold new angle while introducing sounds that have never been heard before. Most notable is the non-stop groove theory that music lovers are certain to embrace.

Saxongroove opens up What The Funk! with the futuristic sounding Get Your Funk On, a mix that is punctuated by mysterious vocals that lure listeners into a series of jazzy rhythms and rhythmic percussion. Intricate synthesizers and harmonious chords make this production an easy listen with plenty of room to move.

Deep Down, the follow-up mix on What The Funk! is equally as enticing as Get Your Funk On and it's evident that this jam session is moving onward to new heights. A distinct melody plays throughout the mix as the bass digs deep down into the psyche. Deep Down is an appropriate mix that explores a myriad of instrumentals including jazz horns and retro rhythms.

Wrapping up the What The Funk! EP is Money, a softer groove with unmistakeable elements including avant garde synths and engaging vocal play. The track offers a subtle journey through various conventions of Deep House while offering a fresh interpretation. The overall feel of the mix is alluring and mind-bending.

Saxongroove gives a righteous performance on What The Funk!. The EP is not only engaging for listeners but it expresses the diversity of the genre well. Fans of the style will appreciate the unique angle that Saxongroove takes to convey rhythmic sounds that go beyond the conventional.